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Cuban Cigars-Whisky Pairing

Welcome to the Fascinating World of Cuban Cigars...

Cuban Cigars-Whisky Pairing

Cohiba: SIGLO II 5 1/8" 42 paired with 50ml Jameson's Triple Distilled Irish Whisky £30.00
The flagship brand of Habanos. This cigar is as smooth as silk, rich in a myriad of aromas varying from musk and spice to earthy, woody tones.


Romeo Y Julieta: SHORT CHURCHILL 4 7/8" 50 paired with 50ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky £47.00
A handcrafted jewel in the art of producing fine Cuban cigars. An easy drawing, medium bodied, light strength cigar, which includes flavours of vanilla, coffee, and cocoa and is sweet in taste from the first to last puff.


Montecristo: PETIT TUBOS 5 1/8" 42 paired with 50ml The Dalmore 12 YO Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky £26.00
The most famous cigar coming out of Cuba. Rich and medium bodied, where earthiness is combined with some notes of coffee and pepper tones.


Punch: PETIT CORONATIONS 4 5/8" 40 paired with 50ml The Macallan Gold Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky £19.50
Very distinctive medium-bodied flavour, with a somewhat tangy taste and aroma of freshly sawn wood.


Bolivar: TUBOS NO 3 5" 34 paired with 50ml Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky £25.00
Earthy Spicy and coffee flavours with a hint of sweetness. There is a real zing to this full-bodied cigar.


Guantanamera: CRISTALES 5 7/8" 41 paired with 50ml Lagavulin 16 YO Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky £22.00
Popular amongst those being introduced to the Cuban cigar for the first time. Earth and coffee flavours balance the medium tobacco strength of this machine made cigar.


"Cigar smoking knows no politics. It's about the pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma." - Winston Churchill



Cuban Cigars-Whisky Pairing is a permanent promotion and available exclusively for our discerning guests.



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